5 Things to do Before you Start Using a Vacuum Sweeper

A vacuum sweeper is a very useful home appliance that we frequently use in our homes. However, even if it is a common appliance, there are some safety tips that need to be followed to ensure the safe use of your vacuum sweeper. Thus, here are just 5 things to do before you start using the vacuum sweeper.

1. Verify the condition of the cord. Pay extra attention to worn or frayed areas and if needed, cover those areas with some electrical tape. However, if there is a considerable break in the cover of the cord, it is highly recommended to have the entire cord replaced by a vacuum cleaner repair shop or home appliance dealer. This is an essential inspection as it will minimize the risk of a potential fire or electrical shock.

2. Check the sweeper blades and the roller. Once the sweeper is unplugged, carefully get rid of the accumulated debris that might cause possible clogs or might simply jam the roller. The roller can be easily get obstructed by pet fur, bobby pins or hair strands, preventing its smooth operation.

3. Check the wheels and also all the connective parts. Everything should neatly fit; also make sure to change loose or stripped screws. In case of some cracked pieces, visit the vacuum sweeper dealership and replace them, including extensions, handle, switches or any other sections.

4. The vacuum sweeper is to be properly used. Under no circumstances do not try to suction water from tile or carpeted floor, as it might cause electrocution. You should also not use the vacuum sweeper on various outdoor areas such as a deck, patio, shed and porch or in the garage. The vacuum sweeper is specifically designed for household duty.

5. Pay attention to any warning signs, which could include sparks whenever the sweeper is plugged or unplugged or the presence of burning smell when you turn on the sweeper. If you notice some problems with the vacuum sweeper, stop using it and take it to a repair shop or to the appliance dealer.