Concepts of Solar Heating

Solar heating has become a very popular concept in the last few years as the price of electricity has seemed to keep rising. By using solar power, radiant heating from the sun, a person can easily lower their electric bill and, sometimes, even have the electric company pay them for the excess energy they create.

Although solar heating is a great way of saving money, it’s all dependent on the amount of solar radiation in your area. The amount of solar radiation is different in all areas, so you have to take this into consideration.

Solar energy is considered to be the cleanest and most environmentally safe energy source available to date. Using the sun’s natural radiation to heat your home is not only a great way of saving money, but you get knowledge and feel that you are helping to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere. This, alone, should be the push that you need to purchase a solar heating system for your home.

These systems include a solar panel and a heat transfer unit that allows the solar heated fluid to flow through, warming any room the heating apparatus is in.

The solar panels need to be placed on your roof in such a way that they can gain light from the sun all day long. This usually means they should be facing the South in most places. You can also purchase a complete solar power system that will retain summer time heat and let you use it during those colder, and less lighted months in the winter time. The best aspect of solar heating is in the use of a radiant floor heating system.

This uses the solar heat to flow through the floor, radiating up through your flooring and heating your room.

While solar heating was a great idea a few decades ago, it was way too expensive for everyday use by common homeowners. But, with today’s technology, solar heating systems have become a boon for people that are looking to reduce their energy bills and live a greener life.

Being more cost effective to produce and install has brought solar heating into the foreground, yet again, for the masses to use without overpaying for the materials.