How to Choose the Best Blender For Smoothies

Numerous people are making smoothies on a daily basis. To benefit from the most nutrients from the ingredients and to get the finest taste, you need to use the best blender for smoothies.

The blender is absolutely essential to prepare smoothies. If there is no blender, there are no smoothies. The frequency and type of use basically determines the blender you should use for smoothies. Thus, an expensive blender might not be the most suitable one for your own needs. There are things to consider when looking for the best blender for smoothies.

The blender must have a fairly wide and sturdy base, which will not vibrate during high speed blending. Blender bases are made of metal or plastic. As metal is heavier and more durable, it is more stable than the plastic one.

The blender needs to have adequate wattage or horsepower. Blenders for domestic use should have minimum 350 watts, but 500 watts sounds better. Blenders with low power must function on high rpm (revolutions per minute). In the case of low power blenders, the added ingredients will considerably lower the rpm. The machine should also be able to crush ice without difficulties, as ice is often needed for smoothies. A good blender must maintain blade speed throughout mixing no matter what ingredients are being used.

Depending on the brand name, blenders can have various speed settings, from two basic settings (high and low) to more speed types. The preparation of smoothies does not require multiple speeds, but the pulse button is an essential feature.

Blender containers are made of plastic or glass. Plastic will not break very easily even if it is dropped and it is also lightweight. A major disadvantage is the fact that absorbs the odor of the ingredients which are mixed in it and requires repeated cleaning to eliminate the odor. Plastic jugs will also deteriorate in the dishwasher. The size of the container is also important. To blend more servings at one time, you need a blender of large capacity for smoothies.

Another important factor is the lid of the blender. There are lids with detachable portions to add ingredients during the blending process. It is a great option, as the mixture can be easily adjusted without forcing you to stop the blender first.

It is important to have the right appliance when making smoothies as thus, the preparation can be indeed fun.