You Should Only Have Roof Repairs Completed By A Licensed Professional

Hiring a roofing contractor for the purposes of either roof installation or roof repair is a big decision. It is essential that you hire a licensed and fully qualified professional such as Fortified Roofing as doing otherwise can result in extensive damage to your home that can be difficult, if not impossible to repair. Your home’s roof, when functioning properly, keeps your home free from rain and snow.

And, along with any installed insulation, your roof keeps your home well protected from extreme cold and heat. Not only are there extensive regulations that must be met when your home needs roofing repairs, but the contractor you choose must also keep in mind the many complexities of roof function.

The Alberta Building Code for how roofs must be repaired and installed includes entire sections devoted towards ventilation, flashing and valleys, eave protections and several other significant items. If your roof repair is not done according to these standards then you will be liable for not meeting the necessary code restrictions and be forced to undertake corrections.

The roofing company you choose should guarantee that their repair and installation jobs are done according to the standards of the Alberta Building Code. This will ensure the work is done right and to acknowledged professional standards of quality. Equally important is the fact that you can be held liable for worker’s liability if you choose not to use fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractors to complete the work.

Furthermore, roofing function and form is complex and provides a variety of functions. According to, roof leaks and moisture are one of the top 10 most common causes of roof damage. You might not be aware that up to 75% of roof leaks are caused by improper flashing of the roof penetrations. Equally important your asphalt shingle installation. If they are installed improperly you will most likely forfeit being protected by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Another often overlooked aspect of proper repair and installation is that mistakes can make your roof more susceptible to ice dams that can potentially damage roof decks and even the ceilings and walls of your home or outbuilding. Improperly installed and / or repaired skylights, chimney flashing, and more can also result in extensive damage and liability to your home. Improperly completed work can even subject your home to mold damage which can create extremely costly, not to mention unhealthy situations for homeowners.

Professionally certified, bonded, and insured workers know the importance of proper work and how to ensure that the job that you need done is always performed to the correct specifications the first time around.